Midtown Investments was yet another hedge fund to spin out of Salomon Brothers in the late 90s. Midtown Investments launched and managed two equity funds and a third in conjunction with Endeavour Capital. Over the years, the company has produced a wealth of research leading to the development of several innovative trading strategies. Midtown Investments was founded in 1999 by Pathmajan Rasan.

Pathmajan Rasan

Pathmajan Rasan is CEO of Midtown Investments. Previously he researched and traded systematic equities, currencies and macro strategies for Brevan Howard over 5 years. Prior to that, Pathmajan launched and managed two hedge funds independently with Midtown Investments and a further hedge fund in conjunction with Endeavour Capital. Pathmajan founded Midtown Investments in 1999 following a 11 year career with Salomon Brothers. In the mid 90s, as an Equity Strategist and later as a member of the globally number one rated quantitative team, he pioneered alternative risk premia research in Europe. Extending this research, he developed an equity market-neutral strategy which was successfully traded on the proprietary trading desk. Pathmajan has developed and traded several successful trading strategies spanning 25 years.

Pathmajan Rasan qualified as a chartered civil engineer and has a MBA from Manchester Business School
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